Senior Programmer

Description - Senior Programmer for a global leader in music and video distribution, rights management and online marketing. 

Candidate must have at least 3 years of professional experience and have expert proficiency and experience in the following:

  • Web site development (php, html, css, javascript, MySQL, Linux)
  • Delivery of music to stores (xml, ftp)
  • Receiving music delivery from label partners
  • Processing sales reports from stores (csv)
  • Internal reporting for marketing and sales (sql, csv)
  • Technical and operations documentation
  • Monitoring operations 
  • Team management and project coordination/planning
  • Required experience: PHP, MySQL, Linux, HTML/css
  • Music format conversion - wav, flac, mp3, ogg
  • Video encoding
  • Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3, RDS - Aurora, Cloudfront
  • Code versioning - SVN, GitHub